Julia Cohn: Gun violence as a public health issue

Banning assault weapons doesn't threaten the Second Amendment. He said that since the 1994 assault weapons vote, the NRA "locked itself into a pattern of ever more apocalyptic, extremist, uncompromising rhetoric". Nelson, in Tallahassee on Friday, said momentum continues to build - favoring Democrats. But this year, again thanks in part to the Parkland students, it's beginning to take a stronger hold.

Organizers halted an advertised raffle that would have awarded an AR-15 to the victor, and vendors were told they would not be allowed to sell the weapon at the monthly show.

Still, his ideas stated last week represent a substantial number of Americans, whose sensibilities have been heightened by the courageous response by the surviving Parkland students and families. The problem is guns, not mental illness. He got the group's support a second time when he ran for re-election in 2010, but lost to Republican John Kasich as the governor's race centered on economic woes gripping the state.

"Well, listen, the president has the potential to move mountains here", Murphy said to Stephanopoulos.

That trend has continued in recent weeks, even with talk of gun control in Congress and among business leaders after the February 14 school massacre. The vast majority of citizens, both gun owners and non-gun owners alike, agree on what might be called "common sense" gun laws like universal background checks, age limits and varying degrees of assault weapons bans. Our incident won't show up in the statistics about gun use in self-defense scenarios. It isn't the first time, not even in this paper, and I doubt it will be the last.

West said the protesters are not anti-gun; her partner is an NRA instructor and teaches concealed-carry classes. What about the possibility of former military or homeless vets looking for work to keep our schools safe? "Republicans are so concerned that the NRA will put up money to primary them that the thought of supporting gun control legislation is nearly unheard of".

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He added, "I think this is being used by all sides". FedEx, criticized for providing a standard discount to NRA members, took the extraordinary step of releasing a policy statement calling for a ban on assault-style weapons. Countless protests were staged throughout the country for LGBTQ rights, including the 1993 March on Washington for LGBT Equal Rights and Liberation. Despite the NRA pouring more than$1 million into ads against him, Northam easily defeated Republican Ed Gillespie. And changing the laws and actions in our country will not happen overnight. By contrast, Scott gets an A-plus rating from the NRA, while 91 percent of Florida's Republican legislators draw a grade of A-minus or higher from the organization.

Marion Hammer, a 78-year-old grandmother, has lobbied for the NRA-affiliated Unified Sportsmen of Florida for decades and helps direct campaign mailers in support of gun-friendly candidates or against opponents.

In election cycles between 2010 and 2018, the NRA spent almost $36.4 million in support of Republicans, while also spending about $256,000 to oppose members of the GOP in primaries, general elections and the special Senate election in Alabama a year ago. We have the right to bear arms, even if the arms we have are designed not for sport or even for self-defense but primarily to kill other people.

House and Senate Democrats are also struggling with the legislation. That's why it's imperative that you contact your members of Congress and state lawmakers today and ask them to oppose all gun control schemes that would only impact law-abiding gun owners.

House Democratic Leader Janet Cruz of Tampa said she hopes Floridians will have their say - in November.

"I disagree with some of their viewpoints", said Mitchell Flesner, 67. "I don't want the lives of the Parkland 17 to be forgotten in two months ..."