Pac-Man, Super Mario Odyssey And More

Nintendo last month surprised and delighted Switch owners when it announced that it was bringing a bit of DLC to Super Mario Odyssey, and that the added content would not cost a dime.

The main story once completed will now witness Luigi pop up in different kingdoms and he will have a new range of puzzles to beat. Balloon World can be started by talking to Luigi in any of the kingdoms.

The mini-game has two sides, with players either having to hide or find a balloon within a set time limit, earning points towards a Balloon World ranking each time they take part. Earning high scores for finding and hiding balloons will also allow players to rank up.

Available to download now, the update adds a brand new mini game as well as some new outfits for Mario and a couple of new filters for Snapshot Mode.

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The upcoming update boasts a new mini mini-game mode called Balloon World which players will unlocks after completing the main story.

The update also includes new outfits and snapshot filters and Nintendo added that more new outfits will be released in the future.

The update also adds new photo filters and new costumes to buy for Mario, so it's the ideal opportunity to pick up the game and collect those coins you were missing.

The new update is free, and is available now in all regions. It's a great way to make use of all the fun secret areas you discovered while playing through the game the first time. Then, you'll be able to find Luigi in every one of the worlds and initiate the minigame. There's the Musician Hat & Outfit, Sunshine Shades & Outfit, and the Knight Helmet & Armor.