Microsoft launches Photos Companion app, enabling rapid smartphone-to-PC image transfers

But if you're on Windows 10 with the Microsoft Photos, your prayers may have just been answered with this new Photos Companion app that's has just been launched for both Android and iOS.

While the app doesn't permanently link to a Windows 10 PC, it's useful if you don't automatically back up your photos to a cloud service. You can send multiple photos over the same Wi-Fi network, and they appear immediately in the photos app. You can then effortlessly transfer the photos and even videos off your phone and into the Photos app's camera roll. The photo team has been working on this project for months with the intent for it to work with the Windows 10 built-in photo app.

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Do not you will have to be connected via same WiFi network on your smartphone and Windows 10 device. Moreover, a QR code is also required in the app that helps you start transferring the content. This way there is no requirement of using the same Wi-Fi on the mobile and PC to transfer. Once you open the app it will ask you to scan the QR code available on your PC to transfer the file. Users select the photos they want to transfer from the companion app and then use settings in the Photos app to begin transferring them over Wi-Fi.

Microsoft's Garage team says in a profiling post that the Photos Companion app has been built with students and educators in mind as it would offer a simple way in a classroom to share media irrespective of network speeds or mobile data charges. Because, before the launch of the app in 2017, the app product team has conducted visits to the various European and U.S. classrooms to see how teachers shared the content which is in their mobile device to the classroom PC, and to encourage them to use the app for this goal. There you will find a preview option at the end - "Help Microsoft Test the mobile import over WiFI feature".