Why do politicians and judges get paid during a government shutdown?

23 January 2018, 01:36 | Isaac Mcdaniel

Why do politicians and judges get paid during a government shutdown?

Government shutdown stretches into workweek, sows confusion

The NPS, which oversees many Washington landmarks, including the National Mall, has said it has a plan in place so that "First Amendment activities" can continue during a shutdown.

The government was operating on a stopgap funding bill that passed on December 21, which followed a separate stopgap bill that passed in September.

Democrats have been pressing for Republicans in control of Congress to address the fate of so-called dreamers, undocumented immigrants who were brought into the U.S.as children who President Donald Trump says must be deported barring a new law.

The shutdown was cemented when the Senate, meeting late into Friday night, blocked a Bill to maintain the federal government's funding through Feb 16. A government shutdown has become the legislative equivalent of a reelection campaign rally with wildly enthusiastic crowds of supporters cheering every word. Shutdowns cost the government moneyLost productivity cost the federal government $2 billion in payroll alone during the 2013 shutdown, according to the Office of Management and Budget.

If Republicans and Democrats are unable to resolve their differences, federal agencies could remain partially closed when the work week begins on Monday. And many passport offices were still processing passport applications, unless they were located in federal buildings that were closed because of the shutdown.

More than half - 34,600 - of the Department of Transportation's 55,100 employees will continue working during a shutdown.

But numerous government's primary duties will continue to be performed, although the workers may not be paid for it. Trump, for example, tweeted that a shutdown will be "devastating to our military", but that's not true.

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When has the government shut down before? So, for instance, a Customs and Border Protection computer programmer will go to work on Monday regardless of the shutdown, but an Internal Revenue Service IT specialist will get furloughed if a deal isn't reached.

VETERANS: Most employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs would not be subject to furlough. The mail would still be delivered. Most federal employees whose jobs are deemed non-essential likely fall into the furloughed category, and will not report to work until the shutdown ends. But they can stay for no longer than four hours to engage in "shutdown activities" like setting out-of-office messages or explaining how to carry out functions to colleagues who are not furloughed. In Missouri, you might to reschedule that trip to the Gateway Arch; in IL, don't plan on visiting Lincoln's home. We've already sustained one hit in the wrangling over this stopgap measure to avoid the shutdown-the disaster-aid package for those dealing with Harvey and other natural disasters has been set aside as Congress struggles to find a funding agreement that can garner enough support to get approved. If a compromise isn't reached, the shutdown will start Friday, Jan. 19 at 11:59 p.m. A government shutdown represents the worst of Washington-style politics. It also docked state lawmakers' pay if they failed to approve a budget on time.

What could happen during a shutdown?

Secretary of Defense James Mattis warned in an appearance at Johns Hopkins University on Friday that training exercises for reservists and maintenance of weapons systems would be delayed and there would be "a huge morale impact" across the board.

Active duty military personnel are not furloughed during a such down and "essential services" such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security continue. But that law was not permanent, and Congress would have to pass a similar bill this time if it wants to pay the same service members, federal employees, and contractors during the shutdown.

Military and other national security funding is on hold as well as community health centers and children's medical insurance.

Payments would still be issued from Medicare and Medicaid, which insure millions of elderly, disabled and low-income Americans.

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