Man Dies Five Days After Contracting Flu

Kyler's mother says the official cause of death is organ failure due to septic shock caused by influenza. Baughman's fiancée told WPXI he was coughing and complaining of mild chest pain.

Baughman had been running a fever on and off since he started having flu symptoms.

This is shaping up as the worst flu season in a good while, with California particularly affected, but other regions nationwide have registered severe flu cases as well.

The number of flu deaths in Australia over their winter has not yet been released, but it's thought to be the worst in years.

He was surged Wednesday to a Westmoreland County crisis room and transported to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, where he passed on hours after the fact.

As reported yesterday, another dozen flu victims have died in Pa. since the beginning of the year.

Mother Beverly told WPXI that before his death Kyler was extremely fit and was going to school to become a personal trainer.

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta previously told CNN that most people who die from the flu have an "underlying illnesses or a weakened immune system". Sometimes incorrectly called blood poisoning, sepsis is the body's often deadly response to infection. This is the body's way of reacting to an infection that has gone untreated or that hasn't been stopped.

According to his family, Kyler did not receive his flu vaccination. Kyler Baughman reportedly did not get one this flu season.

His condition rapidly deteriorated and after being admitted to hospital he died the next day. It is unknown if having the flu shot would have prevented Baughman from getting sick (sometimes the flu shot is for a different strain and doesn't protect against the sickness), but it's a possibility.

"It doesn't seem real", his mother says.

Baughman's parents are hoping that their son's story will inspire others to be aware of how unsafe the flu can be.

His case: Dying from the flu is far from unheard of: CDC figures show 6.7% of all deaths in the U.S. during the week ending December 16 were related to pneumonia or the flu. "Get it taken care of", Todd Baughman said tearfully. "At whatever point you have a fever and you have it various days, don't release it. Get it dealt with".