Kylie Jenner Receives a Very Special BABY GEAR Delivery at Her Home!!!

The reality family decided not to press charges but fans were left wondering why this employee would risk her new job to snap a photo of Jenner. Tyga still tells Kylie all the time that while they may be apart, she will always be in his heart and if this baby turns out to be his, he won't hesitate to propose to her, ' they said.

Apparently, Tyga is still enamored with Kim Kardashian's little sister and would love to be a substitute for Scott, who's often on tour or having fun at strip clubs.

Kim's changed the way we view maternity clothing and now also how clothing is presented. A blunt bob and aviator sunglasses completed her look.

The 20-year-old Kylie Jenner is supposed to give birth in February. Perhaps she was honoring the departing director AND the baby is named after Louis Vuitton.

"Our gestational carrier gave us the greatest gift one could give", wrote Kim.

"You can either choose someone that you know or you can go through an agency, like Kanye and I did". "North and Saint are especially thrilled to welcome their baby sister".

And then Kim took time out to express her gratitude.

"I'm so grateful for modern technology and that this is even possible", she continued.

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She questioned: "Should we have her arrested?"

Understandably, the Internet were quick to speculate that the "certain situation" was her youngest daughter's #notsosecret pregnancy.

This comes after Kanye was seen on Wednesday.

But he seemed pleased when a photographer suggested they name the baby after his beloved late mother, Donda.

Whatever the name is, congrats to Kim and Kanye! As such, fans are playing detective trying to figure out what Kimye will call Baby #3, and with siblings named North and Saint, she's got a lot to live up to.

The Facebook page The Morning Breathers caused a online storm, when they posted a screenshot of a Twitter direct message, of a girl claiming she spotted the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star in an LA hospital.

Another person joked: "Congrats and!"

While no official word has been given on the baby news, there have been plenty of hints.