Buses for Apple employees 'attacked' with pellet guns, company suspects

A source tells us that due to the nature of how the windows were impacted, some suspect the weapon being used could be a BB or pellet gun. "It could be Google, Apple or any other company", he said.

Montiel says no one was injured, but it appears the unmarked buses are being targeted. "It's not like they are hidden". Montiel said he had received no reports that other company buses or private vehicles had been targeted. The Guardian, however, noted that the buses have different colors depending on the company.

"If someone was targeting the buses I'm sure they are going to find them anywhere they go".

The tech giants operate free shuttle services between San Francisco and their offices in Silicon Valley, at least an hour's drive south. The service, which is available only to the employees, has always been seen as a symbol of division between the tech workers and everyone else, notes Business Insider.

According to California Highway Patrol spokesman Art Montiel, cited in SFGate's coverage, the attacks all took place while the buses were occupied and moving. The windows of the buses were smashed in the incident and although, no casualty was reported.

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The buses were apparently the victims of vandalism, possibly by pellet or BB gun or rocks.

Of those, four involved Apple shuttle buses, while one was carrying Google employees.

Beginning in 2013, protesters criticized the shuttle buses for being disruptive and unsafe, and considered them symbols of gentrification in San Francisco. Then the next year, protesters blocked the buses and waved banners expressing discontent over the privatization of the region's transport system. It is possible that the latest incidents are another attempt to fight the Silicon Valley firms.

The incidents remain under investigation, and further details were not immediately available.

"We are not certain as to what caused the damage, but there haven't been any injuries", Montiel told CNN Tech.