White House slams 'ridiculous' Trump health questions

The White House said President Trump just had a case of "dry throat" during his speech recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel when he appeared to have trouble catching his breath and slurred several words.

Sanders was walking off the podium after declaring a wrap on the briefing when she did an about face, returning to podium. Noah wondered after playing the clip of Trump slurring "United States" and other words.

Sanders also said that Trump would undergo a checkup - "the full physical that presidents go through" - at Walter Reed in "the first part of next year". The spokeswoman said, "those records will be released by the doctor following that".

"The President's throat was dry, nothing more than that", Sanders said, criticizing questions about the incident a day earlier as "ridiculous".

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"Looking forward to Trump's dentist's letter saying he has the most lovely terrific real teeth ever elected to the presidency", another user added.

"Trump's false teeth so unhappy with his Jerusalem speech they summarily tried to fly out of his mouth", a user wrote. One was a one-page summary deeming the president in "excellent physical health", and one in 2015 he noted that Trump "would be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency". I'm just saying, can you imagine how he'd feel? "I am really looking forward to this January 30".

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And Obama was diagnosed with acid reflux - heartburn, the classic Type-A health issue - and has in the past suffered from Vitamin D deficiency, which can result from getting insufficient exposure to the sun.