The next Overwatch map is a Blizzard theme park called Blizzard World

Blizzcon 2017 saw a flurry of announcements by the blockbuster developer, including the reveal of Moira, an all-new support hero for Overwatch.

Using her left hand, Moira expends biotic energy to heal allies in front of her.

The Super ability of the new Overwatch character is apparently a move called Coalescence, where Moira channels her energy into a big beam that heals her allies, but can also bypass her enemy's barriers in order to damage them.

Blizard also showed off a new story cinematic.

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Moira, who is already recieving a mix of negative and positive feedback from "Overwatch" players and fans, is a Talon healer.

Moira quickly teleports a short distance. She will take a support role in the game thanks to her biotic abilities that allow her to heal or deal damage. Also basing her operations in Oasis and Iraq, she's obsessed with science and is a brilliant geneticist, but it's her incredible mind that has turned her into such a controversial figure. She is a genius and controversial geneticist that is now aligned with Talon; also, a formerly affiliated with Blackwatch. Many considered her work to be unsafe because of its perceived ethical shortfalls, and O'Deorain was even accused of having the same unchecked desire for scientific advancement that some believed had caused the Omnic Crisis. Instead of kickstarting her career, her paper seriously damaged her reputation.

"Her employment was a closely kept secret, until it was uncovered during inquiries following the Venice incident". Eventually however, her legion with them was unveiled, but high-ranking Overwatch officials lied and said they had no knowledge of her ever being a part of their organisation.

"Though O'Deorain will go to any lengths to make scientific breakthroughs, her work is still unknown to most of the world".