Original Pixel phones getting update to new features

In a blog post, the search giant noted that the battery predictions so far were based on a simple logic, for instance, if a user is using 20% battery each hour for the past few hours, the algorithm assumes the rate to continue, and gives the forecast accordingly.

Google uses some new machine learning in order to improve and predict the life of your battery on Google Pixel.

The new feature is targeted at Pixel users for now but we can expect it to trickle down to more Android devices in the future.

That changes now, with the introduction of a new on-device model, which the company says evaluates how you use your phones battery over time.

Google explains how it makes personalized battery life predictions
Google Pixel and Pixel Xl gets new features along with Android 8.1 Developer Preview

If you want to take a look at the new battery predictions, head to Battery in Settings and there you would see the remaining running hours for your device. To help you better predict how your battery will perform throughout the day, Google is adding a new "smart battery" feature to Pixel devices. When you update to the latest Pixel software, you will see a personalized battery estimate on the "Battery" section under "Settings". Michelle inserts that it informs you both, the percent of battery present and how many hours the mobile phone will provide you service.

For a long time, Android's battery estimate chart has been created simply from assumptions, as Google explains. The Pixel team's Product Manager has just announced an update was released recently for the phones that will improve battery life. The app also allows you to turn on or off the battery saver, auto-brightness and to display the battery percentage option using a toggle.

To get estimates of high and low usage by the new Smart battery feature, users can tap on the big battery icon which will then show typical user patterns for battery usage.

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