Trump pushes Congress for tax reform

Of other countries' tax reforms, he said: "They made their taxes lower - and far lower, in many cases, than ours - and jobs left our country".

Today, President Donald Trump visits Missouri to unveil his tax reform plan.

US President Donald Trump described the new tax reforms as "globally competitive", and said that they would bring back trillions of dollars stacked overseas.

To top it off, much of the president's angry antagonism is directed at members-even the leaders-of his own Republican Party in the House and Senate who will be called upon to do things like, for example, vote upon tax reform!

"That means getting rid of the loopholes and the complexity that benefits special interest groups", Trump said, adding that the current tax code is so complicated that most Americans need help doing their taxes.

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Otherwise, if obstructing the Trump agenda is the way the GOP Congress wants to run its 2018 re-election, so be it. "In a way-and I've been saying this for a long time-they've been sort of the forgotten people, but they're not forgotten any longer. I hope so", said Trump. "I hope so the United States is counting on it".

Trump set out four tax reform principles: simplicity, a competitive tax code, tax relief for the middle class and global corporate tax reform. There is a simple choice on tax reform: Either the taxpayers' hard-earned money will continue to be sent to Washington and enter a maze of bureaucratic inefficiency and ineptitude, or the tax code can be fixed and rates can be lowered.

He pledged to "bring back Main Street by reducing the crushing tax burden on our companies and on our workers", and work with Republicans and Democrats alike on a tax plan that is "pro-growth, pro-jobs, pro-worker". But during Wednesday's speech on tax reform, the president seemed passionate about taking care of rich business owners. "They'll keep their money, they'll spend their money, they'll buy our product", the president said Wednesday. He wants the tax code to be simplified, corporate rates to be reduced, rates lowered for middle income workers, and offshore profits reclaimed. "I don't want to be disappointed by Congress, do you understand me?" said the president to cheers.

President Trump on Wednesday pitched a sweeping tax overhaul that he said would unleash the USA economy and growth to help ordinary people, promising that a vague recipe of large corporate tax cuts and individual tax reductions would boost the middle class.

"But it would make us highly competitive". Another official told reporters that it will be a "very bipartisan speech" that will call for lawmakers to "work to build a tax code that really allows all Americans to have access to the American Dream and work their way up the economic ladder".