Pence "Disappointed" Collins Preventing Obamacare Repeal

27 September 2017, 12:13 | Isaac Mcdaniel

GOP Health Care Bill Dealt New Blow By Sen. Rand Paul

A workable plan to repeal ACA

The latest version didn't even require the states to apply for a waiver to lift that Obamacare protection - merely that they represent that such people will have "adequate and affordable" care. Sen. It's so bad, even its authors can only defend it with lies, evasions and flimflam.

"The Trumpcare bill would gut Medicaid, would cause millions to lose coverage, cause chaos in the marketplace", Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said at a speech on the Senate floor. It does nothing to address the obscene price gouging by drug and insurance companies. No Democrats support the bill. Using the budget process, Republicans need only 50 votes, assuming Vice President Mike Pence casts the tie-breaking vote. Susan Collins (R-ME) committed to voting "no" on the bill, a position she had said she was leaning toward a day earlier. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and South Carolina's Lindsey Graham. It was a shameless display of liars flaunting their skill at deception.

So instead, they lie outright about what their bill does. He reviewed the current bill draft for "Health Affairs Blog".

It's not clear which was worse for the GOP on Monday - the sight of audience members with disabilities being hauled out of the one and only hearing on the Cassidy-Graham health-care bill or the economic impact described by those insane kids over at S&P Global Ratings (no left-wing group).

Republicans could afford just two defectors in the 100-member Senate chamber. Hospitals, Haslam Support Graham-Cassidy.

Here's a look at why Republicans are rushing to pass a bill and what's next if they fail. This is under an arcane procedure known as reconciliation, which expires on Saturday.

A new week in Washington, a renewed fight over health care. It ends the requirement that those with preexisting conditions be protected and that every insurance package provide core essential services, including maternity care and conception services.

We knew we can't trust Trump to craft careful policy that puts regular Americans' needs above his own.

This bill was concocted in secret by a handful of Republicans.

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Under questioning from Senator Ron Wyden, D-Ore., Cassidy said their assessments were wrong and that it was "not true" that states could charge higher premiums based on their health status under his bill.

Monday's hearing on the bill was interrupted by protesters chanting, "No cuts to Medicaid". It received multiple assessments from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office and attracted a supermajority of Senate votes. The only thing left to be done was for Congress to resurrect the 2015 bill and send it to Trump to be signed into law. "That's why they keep calling Obamacare a disaster, you hear that word a lot", Kimmel said.

Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, stated a few days ago that there are 10 reasons to vote against this new bill.

Here's one final push to get you to call the senators listed above: the money that is saved from the cuts to Medicaid will be used for tax cuts for 1% of the country's wealthiest individuals! That serves the demands of their donors and the partisan passions of their Tea Party zealots. Rand Paul, on the other hand, by opposing this bill is ensuring that the big hand of government Obamacare will remain the law of the land. "It will destroy everything people benefit from in the Affordable Care Act". Anyone concerned with responsible governance can only be appalled.

But people could "lose" insurance, although many of those could simply be choosing to drop out of the system, not actually "losing" insurance.

What if it's not by the September 30 deadline?

This bill is a clear statement.

They are set to unveil a "framework" for their legislation Wednesday. They offend basic decency out of political expediency and partisan excess.

Frank Pennington, a minister at a local church, attended the rally because he said Americans deserve universal health care, and Obamacare comes closer to universal health care than any other health care plan. That they still stand on the verge of passing it reveals exactly who they are.

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