Brandis fires back at Abbott's demand to not 'politicise' sport

The movement was quickly endorsed by former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott, who tweeted: "Footy fans shouldn't be subjected to a politicised grand final".

Macklemore hit back at critics overnight during a radio interview with The Cruz Show.

"And it's interesting actually cause I'm gonna play 'Same Love" and they're going through trying to legalize same-sex marriage in Australia.

Ruby fans are fighting to get rapper Macklemore banned from performing his song "Same Love", a song in support of equal marriage and LGBT rights, at a major sports event. I think there is a petition today to ban me from playing.

While Macklemore was announced as the grand final entertainment on September 1, it was only this week that former rugby league player Tony Wall called for NRL boss Todd Greenberg to "Take LGBTIQ politics out of the NRL".

Former PM Tony Abbott for example, is one such idiot chiming in with his blatant hypocrisy, and now Macklemore himself has returned serve, appropriately calling those kicking up a stink "angry old white dudes".

The petition, initiated this week by a former rugby league player Tony Wall, says it will be hard to watch the final "with a LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex & Queer) anthem taking centre stage".

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"So it's interesting times in Australia".

"I thought Mr Abbott believed in freedom of speech", he said.

The misogynist failed politician, who once said "What the housewives of Australia need to understand as they do the ironing...", also once admitted about homosexuality, "I probably feel a bit threatened, as so many people do".

Well, this little bloke Macklemore - or whatever his name is - is coming over here, right well mate go home, we don't want you, right? No campaigners the Coalition for Marriage also backed Wall.

United States music artist Macklemore has been accused of politicising the NRL Grand final by performing one of his biggest hits during his much publicised halftime set.

Good on him for doubling down and referring to Abbott et "angry old white dudes".

His four-track set will include Same Love, which was adopted as an unofficial anthem for American same-sex marriage supporters.