Jerry Lewis, Legendary Comedian And actor, Dies At 91

In June, Jerry was hospitalized in Las Vegas with a urinary tract infection. "I've had great success being a total idiot".

"I was tall, skinny, gawky; cute but funny-looking". "I stayed that way". "I made a career out of it. It's a wonderful place to be".

"Jerry has 2 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. one for TV and another for film".

Lewis, who was born in New Jersey to Russian Jewish immigrants, had a long, illustrious career in comedy, including starring in, directing and producing dozens of films. "I am because he was!"

Lewis's comedy had fallen-out of fashion in later years, though he remained popular in France, which awarded him the Legion of Honour award in 1983. Martin and Lewis even had their own comic book series, The Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, which lasted for 40 issues, from 1952 to 1957. At their height, they set off the kind of fan hysteria that once surrounded Frank Sinatra and the Beatles. His subsequent Paramount movies include The Bellboy (1960), The Ladies Man (1961), The Errand Boy (1961), and The Nutty Professor (1963), all of which he also wrote and directed. That is until Ol' Blue Eyes made them see the light. The exposure from that enterprise then earned them their first movie roles. Larry King honored the special friendship he had with Lewis: "I mourn the passing of my friend Jerry Lewis". Their 1950 movie debut, "My Friend Irma", was followed by "My Friend Irma Goes West" the next year.

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Notes the Los Angeles Times, with singer Dean Martin, Lewis was "half of what has been called the most successful comedy duo in history. I've loved him all my life and will miss him greatly". In 2016, he returned to the silver screen with Max Rose in a drama about an aging jazz pianist dealing with his wife's infidelity.

Aside from his legendary career, Lewis had been a world renowned humanitarian due to his fundraising efforts for research into muscular dystrophy. Younger audiences might better know him for his philanthropic work, working as a representative for the Muscular Dystrophy Association for many years.

In 2012, Lewis was rushed to a NY hospital after collapsing from low blood sugar. "He was not a quitter", she said.

"Jerry was a pioneer in comedy and film". According to the New York Times, he died at his home in Las Vegas earlier this morning (August 20th).