Humans Accidentally Made an Artificial Barrier Around Earth, NASA Says

20 May 2017, 09:50 | Shawn Tate

Humans Accidentally Made an Artificial Barrier Around Earth, NASA Says

A certain type of communications—very low frequency radio communications—have been found to interact with particles in space affecting how and where they move

As The Atlantic correctly pointed out, Earth already has its own, natural protective bubble - the magnetosphere, a region of space that surround the planet in which its magnetic field controls the charged particles found nearby.

Atmospheric nuclear tests are no longer allowed, and those artificial radiation belts are long gone.

And such Very Low Frequency (VLF) has caused the formation of humanmade space weather, highlights NASA in its latest paper, published by Science Space Reviews. This data can help bolster NASA's endeavors to shield satellites and space travelers from the characteristic radiation inborn in space. These are all names of nuclear tests the US ran in the 1950s and '60s. Despite the fact that the initiated radiation belts were physically similar to Earth's common radiation belts, their trapped particles had distinctive energies. This and other huge human-made effects we are having on the planet and space environment has scientists calling for a brand new epoch named after us. And it is believed that the shield could potentially offer protection against CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections), massive explosions that emanate from the Sun, where plasmas and magnetic field are ejected from the Sun's corona, which is the outermost part of the star's atmosphere. Particularly strong waves of particles can interfere with communications satellites and even knock out power grids on Earth - one particularly strong storm in 1859 even caused sparks to fly from telegraph machines.

With further study, VLF transmissions may serve as a way to remove excess radiation from the near-Earth environment. Watching how the tests brought about aurora, can give understanding into what the normal auroral components are as well.

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The barrier, which comes and goes, is the result of very low frequency (VLF) communications, used to communicate with submarines deep below the surface of the ocean, interacting with space particles.

On such test was the Teak test of August 1, 1958.

The tests conducted by the United States and USSR involved exploding nuclear weapons at 16 to 250 miles above the surface. "If we come to know what exactly happened in somewhat controlled and extreme event that was caused by one of these man-made events, we can more easily understand the natural variation in the near-space environment".

According to NASA, the test caused geomagnetic storms detected from Sweden all the way to Arizona, with two high-speed waves of particles traveling at 1,860 miles per second and nearly 500 miles per second, respectively. By comparing the energies of the particles, it is possible to distinguish the fission-generated particles and those naturally occurring in the Van Allen belts.

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