What's Motivating People to March for Science?

22 April 2017, 01:53 | Shawn Tate

Protesters in Wellington

Protesters in Wellington

Ferris says Milwaukee's March for Science is just the beginning of a push to advocate for scientific thinking and research. Egger now serves as president of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT), which has endorsed the national March for Science.

Michelle Hooper, 62, a physician who took part in the Women's March as well as the Tax March, says that she still wakes up with palpitations Hooper states that she will also march this weekend at the March for Science.

In New Haven, attendees will hear from academics from Yale and Wesleyan as well as Robert Klee, commissioner of the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and a vocal critic of some of the actions the fledgling Trump administration has taken regarding climate change and the environment.

The Facebook group dedicated to the march was created days after U.S. president Donald Trump's inauguration, and despite being invitation-only has since gathered more than 838,000 members.

The op-ed you're talking about was written by a scientist named Robert Young and he made the argument that this could raise concerns about scientists losing credibility by injecting themselves into a political debate.

The March for Science sprang up because of concerns that scientific evidence is under attack and critical advances in science might be defunded.

But Eickhout said the assessments were not as objective as one would think.

Organizers encourage marchers to bring signs and banners.

Protesters in Wellington against Trump's stance on science
What's Motivating People to March for Science?

And this is the science that the administration's budget proposes to cut, attempting to persuade the American people that the basic research undertaken in labs across this country doesn't affect them. "We don't want it to happen again". Even if they don't want to commit to running for office, Naughton says, scientists can still have an impact by being vocal about their work with their neighbors and communities to show them why science matters.

"Scientists prefer not to get involved in politics", said environmental scientist Benjamin Cuker to the Daily Press in Virginia.

Sarah Evanega, a biologist and director of the Cornell Alliance for Science at Cornell University, says tomorrow's events are an opportunity for people of all political stripes to stand up in support of science.

Congress has not even begun consideration of Trump's budget, but last month the House passed two bills that would, if approved by the Senate, make it more hard for EPA scientists to conduct research.

March for Science Toronto hopes this protest will not only put pressure on the US administration to "accept what basic research tells them" but also reverse some of the damage caused by the Harper Government.

Those joining the Science March are, in many respects, supporting what ought to be a core public belief: that facts and breakthroughs discovered by scientific means actually matter and should be used to shape public policies. These promises based on false facts lead to policies based on false science that become detrimental to the long-term vitality of our country. But on Saturday, I plan on joining tens of thousands of others in the March for Science.

"I don't think we're going to be labeling ourselves as being on one side or the other, just as in the Women's March, I don't think that that necessarily labeled all women as being on one side or the other", she said. And as some seek to weaken this nation's science agenda, we remain confident that science will prevail. Every leap forward in making our computers faster and smaller, capable of calculations that send astronauts to space and help us better understand Earth, is achieved by researchers who appreciate the power of science.

Scientists stage anti-Trump rally in San Francisco five months ago. Those planning to attend include those who work in science and others who care about its role in public policy. As soon as organizers launched the website for the march, people began criticizing its diversity and inclusion policy, arguing that it didn't address common inequalities in science, like race and gender.

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