Ivanka Trump heads to Berlin for women's conference

In an unexpected claim by an American official, it would appear that despite what President Trump has said in regards to his love and support of the people of the United Kingdom, and his recent rhetoric that they are right at the front of the queue in regards trade deals (and very good trade deals) thanks to Brexit, the UK is in fact behind the European Union in regards to such business deals!

Sources told the Times of London that Trump asked Merkel 11 times if he could negotiate a trade deal between the USA and Germany before he finally understood that the deal had to be negotiated through the European Union and not its individual member countries.

Each time the USA president posed the question, he received from the German chancellor the same polite reply: the U.S. can not make any form of a separate trade deal with Germany, as Berlin is a member of the European Union, an economic bloc.

Phil Hogan, the agriculture commissioner, suggested Britain is facing a "bloodbath" over a proposed trade deal with the US.

According to the newspaper, the conversation led to a "realisation" that a trade deal with the bloc would be more beneficial to America than one with Britain.

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Merkel did not mention the exchange, saying only that she was very encouraged following her U.S. visit and adding that the EU's first priority was to complete work on a deal with Japan.

He also warned the European Union against watering down the four basic freedoms of its single market during negotiations with Britain about its exit from the bloc.

"We want to continue good relations with Britain, while maintaining the advantages of the single market for ourselves", she said.

The United States is ready to negotiate a new trade deal with the UK.

President of the BDI industry group, Dieter Kempf, has advised Washington against engaging in protectionist policies and said "those who have trouble understanding how trade surpluses and globalization effects are created are invited to come here and take a look".