Kuwaiti preacher says Mohamed Salah injury is God's punishment

An online petition urging UEFA and Federation Internationale de Football Association to punish Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos for an injury suffered by Liverpool's Mohamed Salah has reached 400,000 signatures. Liverpool lost 3-1 and inevitably Karius' two errors will be painted as the difference, but as images of him sobbing in the post-match while apologising to Liverpool's travelling fans the mood turned from anger to one of concern for the youngster.


Cargo spacecraft docks with the International Space Station

The spacecraft was launched into space aboard a Falcon 9 rocket on April 2, 2018, from Cape Canaveral, Florida. That liftoff initiated the second mission for both the rocket's first stage and the Dragon. It's clear that the assistance from SpaceX is mutually beneficial, with NASA getting the SpaceX Cargo Capsule carrying supplies the station desperately needs and SpaceX receiving an influx of cash that might be able to assist Elon Musk's vision to bring a man to Mars.

Officials say Chinese space station expected to crash to earth soon

But no one knows for sure. China's 8.5-ton space station will come crashing down to Earth from Saturday onwards, the country's space authorities said, although they cannot confirm where it is likely to hit. Tiangong-1 was still over 200 km above Earth's surface on March 26, 2018, but its orbit is predicted to decay very quickly in the days ahead. The European Space Agency says that there have never been any confirmed casualties due to falling space debris.